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Why work with Canada Global Immigration?

Canada Global Immigration is a small practice offering the most up to date guidance and support within the immigration arena.  We do not work with everyone, because not everyone can achieve their goals.  We will not take fees if we do not believe you have a case.

With a career spanning over 20 years in immigration, Camilla Jones is an expert in this arena.  With her honest approach, she will tell you if she can help.  Integrity is key with any relationship and it is important for Camilla, that you trust her and listen to her.  Having worked in CIC, she understands the government and their requirements.  Camilla provides advice and support to other immigration consultants within the industry who trust her judgement and ability.  Teaching immigration and refugee law to paralegals at an Ontario Government college (Seneca) ensures that her knowledge is always up to date.

If you choose to work with Canada Global Immigration, you choose to work with a professional, knowledgeable organisation that will give you honest, reliable and factual representation.

Our Goals

Canada Global Immigration is passionate about ensuring people are treated fairly and honestly by the Canadian immigration system.  We help our clients to realize their dreams of residing in Canada.  More importantly we will only represent clients who have a genuine case with immigration, where we believe we can obtain a positive result from the Canadian Government.  We will always provide you with honest, factual and up to date representation.